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Technology has impacted every aspect of our life, especially businesses. There is always a new way with which an operation can be performed in the most effective and efficient manner, thanks to technological advancements. The interactive catalog is one such innovative way that has taken over the traditional print catalogues. No doubt a catalogue serves a very important purpose for the businesses. It provides the customer with detailed information about the product which helps them in making an informed decision. A catalogue includes information such as the price of the product, its dimensions, and other important information. But the use of print media or PDF form for cataloguing is an outdated and even time consuming and expensive affair. This is the reason that there is a surge in the demand for interactive catalogues.


Interactive catalogues help the businesses to shift from static catalogues to much-advanced form. It allows businesses to create tailor-made solutions that will lead to a better customer experience. One can even flip the pages in the interactive catalogues providing them with the real-time experience along with much convenience and flexibility to the user thus enhancing the experience. It also provides one's business an edge over the other because of the customized solutions offered through its interactive catalogue. There are various compelling reasons to shift to this type of catalogue. Some of these are mentioned below:


  • Realistic: Although it is an online-based catalogue, it still manages to provide a realistic book feel to its user. This is done through the flip technique as the user can easily flip the page as in the case of the traditional catalogue. This leads to a more authentic experience for the customer.

  • Content: Interactive catalogue has better content as compared to book based or PDF-based catalogue as there is a limit one and details and photos to these. But in the case of an interactive catalogue, one can include various photos, videos, and other relevant multimedia content for providing the best solution to its user. They make use of interactive CGI to provide the best content to their clients. Also, with the use of an interactive catalogue one can easily navigate and browse the required product as per need.

  • Accessibility: Interactive catalogue is easily accessible as one can find these on the website of the business. Thus, one can use them whenever they require. There is no need to store these physically as they are always available on the online platform. Also, another advantage of an interactive catalogue is that there is no restriction on the device that is used to access these. One can have access to the catalogue through any devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

  • Sharing: Interactive catalogue is one of the effective marketing tools in the hands of the business as it can be easily shared on various social media platforms by your satisfied customer. Thus, it helps businesses to reach their target audience with so much ease. This thus enabled them to widen their customer base. A happy and satisfied customer can help you to bring new business.


Hence, these are some of the reasons why businesses need to adopt an interactive catalogue.


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