Why Choose Mailing Bags? Different Mailing Bags for Packaging

Maybe you are a traditionalist, and like to stick to age-old cardboard boxes over the modern polythene mailing bags for packaging. When it comes to heavyweight items, you would need a robust packaging solution which would be appropriate for your product, that you are about to ship. Yet we would definitely keep mailing bags at the top of the list.

Mailing Bags for Packaging

But why so? Here are some reasons why should people choose the very versatile mailing bags.

You need not worry about the wet weather

Whether you are sending clothes, book, consumables or other items, a concern about sudden weather changes always remains. When you are reputed with a business giving safe delivery of products, why waste it with permeable packaging? This is where waterproof, polythene mailing bags come to the rescue. The layered mailing bags successfully ward off the damages by water, and any potential damage during the delivery process.


Packaging solutions should be cost-effective not just only at the check-out but also in the long run. And obviously, credit goes to their lightweight nature, polythene mailing bags help clients cut down their postage stamps, very significantly. Not only will this be super convenient for budget-friendly mailing, a good packaging also helps repeat business for your company. Cut your overall shipping costs and boost your business.

Impact on the environment

Quite contrary to the popular belief, polythene bags are 100 per cent recyclable, which makes them a truly sustainable option. These are environment friendly, and how’s that? Because they are usually made from recycled plastics and they can be reused multiple times.

Variety of sizes

These parcel mailing bags are usually available in various sizes, ranging from 6x9” to 14x21”, available in colours like grey, pink, purple, blue, red, green and so on. While the grey mailing bags are perfect for corporate purposes, the pink mailing bags are best for gifting purposes.

How are mailing bags produced?

Mailing bags or parcel mailing bags are usually made from plastic or paper. At present, most plastic mailing bags are made of polyolefin and are co or mono-extruded.   

What are the types of mailing bags that are available?

Opaque mail-order goods bags: Ideal for clothing or a myriad of catalogue or online products, these are the best for ‘mail order’ sales. These are opaque to maintain the privacy of the products and are strong without being too thick or expensive.

Lightweight, postal mailers: The economic range for the simple, yet protective protection. This is the cheapest way to send books, stationary and other lighter products that could be sent easily in postal mailers. These mailing bags are even lighter than the paper envelopes.

Heavy-duty postal mailers: Thicker mailers made with opaque, strong, co-extruded material, are best to be used when the mailing product is not fragile. The parcels in these postal mailers can withstand some rough handling in the transit.

Large courier sacks: These large and very large courier sacks with double seals are immensely popular because of their durability and tough quality.

Security parcel mailing bags: These extra-thick, white opaque mailers have tamper-evident sealing strip. These have a side skirt to give extra security to the package, for that super secretive document!

Tamper-evident mailers: A range of tamper evident mailing bags are made available in opaque as well as clear variants, when the contents of the bag need to be identified.

Bubble mailers: The lightest, protective envelope, available in the market is a superlight bubble mailer. They come in a range of colours, and are made waterproof too!

Jiffy padded envelopes/bags: This standard paper padded envelopes have a seal strip for closure. The range is lined with bubbles, rather than being filled with pulp. Thus, not only they protect the contents inside, they are also very light to carry.

Document enclosed envelopes: Use these adhesive-backed pouches to give your packaging a highly professional look. It can be adhered directly onto pallets or boxes with an extremely strong tack adhesive.

Paper-feel plastic envelopes: The strong and waterproof envelopes that are actually made of plastic but have the look and feel of paper.


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