Why is brain health important

Why is brain health important

the brain is the body's essential organ and has the highest energy demands relative to its size metal functions are reaped to its performance.

Our brain works throughout our life to control our body functions and to help us understand and how to interact with the world and everything around us.

Taking care in many ways will help keep the brain to stay healthy clear active away from problems that can lead to serious issies.,the brain is import and should no be taken serious for our ability to think ,act and live better.

The brain can help as reduce many risk factors like dementia, heart disease,cancer,diebeties,tumors,most fatal disorder Creutzfeldt which is no cure but treatment.

Negative effects that contritbute to the brain

that are Bad habits, blasting of earphones,over eating,smoking,drinking alcho,staying in the dark to much don't move,foods that refined carbs like having sugar and highly processed grains such as white flour,fish high in mercury and sugary drinks.

Systoms of an unhealthy brain

Drepession,mood swings,anxiety, stress,panic attracts,chronic fatigue unforcast mental absent.

What are ways that can help the brain fiction better

Regular exercise, yoga,cutting of cigerates,alcohol, eating balance diet,can boost brain health .

Foods to include in you diet

Broccoli, tumeric,dark chocolate, nuts,fish fatty,blueberry etc.

Most of all drink plenty of water.

Can you live without your brain,well no there can be no life without it.


Hope this article helped you.


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