Why is good stomach health very important?

The stomach is the most important part of a living being that functions as an industry because it is where digestion takes place. When there is industry malfunction, it will also have production deficiency, it is like that with human life, and stomach disease causes problems for the whole body.

We will see the disease that can attack the stomach
Gastric ulcers: they are caused by (helicobacter pylori) bacteria that attack the stomach and cause discomfort and also
destroy with stomach infection.
There are things related to the cause of stomach disease (gastric ulcers) -Taking large amount of prescribed doses and frequent use of pain relieving drugs like ibuprofen,
diclofenac, aspirin and others of this family of drugs.
-Others who are on risk to be attacked by the disease are people who are always stressed, angry with life, work without
breaks or eat as usual respecting hours.
-abuse of alcohol and tobacco
-People who suffer from stomach cancer
How to spread the disease
-The disease can be transmitted through saliva of an infected person
-Eating food not washed well or not cooked properly
Signs of illness
-Pain in the mid-stomach and rib cage
-Pain in the part behind where the arms cross
-Lack of appetite
-Nausea and vomiting
-Weight loss
-Blood-colored or blackish diarrhea
When you have stomach attack first consult your doctor immediately
-Food diet is also recommended by the doctor
-Combination of antibiotics prescribed by doctors can help
You may think that viruses and infections have nothing to do with cancer but whatis most important is knowing that it can
cause cancer. Poor health is not only daily pain but also can cause financial issues from daily treatment,
and its lasting remain sufferings.This disease can lasts for life when it is not well treated,
"the world‘s most precious gift is a healthy life".
Then eat well and live long



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