Why Should You Buy Saregama Carvaan Musicbar?

Amidst our busy schedules, all we need is a bit of solace, and that’s what music gives us. In this respect, our gratitude lies with Saregama India, the oldest music label in India,  offering lifetime music listening experiences to its users. Its current audio equipment, Saregama Carvaan Musicbar, has stolen the show. It is this Saregama Carvaan price and the other ex-factors that have already made it highly demanded in the market. So, here’s a list of reasons that make this model a great buy for every music admirer:


1. Affordability: Why opt for a premium, lavish soundbar that costs at least INR 25K when you have the option of purchasing this music bar at INR 12,990 only? And currently, it is witnessing an offer of INR 6,000! Do buy it from the official website of Saregama India to ensure 100% secured payments. Moreover, COD and easy EMI options are also available. 

2. A voguish appearance: The product is available in cosmos black color complemented by a stellar design and a smooth and glossy body. It will go with any house interior, can be installed easily, and can upgrade the look of your living space.

3. Portability: Saregama Carvaan Musicbar’s dimensions make it size and weight friendly; Hence, it is the best option if portability is concerned. Be it a long road trip or a house picnic, it can entertain you anywhere per your wish. 

4. Ability to stir nostalgia: What makes this music bar special is that it comes with about 500 pre-loaded evergreen songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Not only Bollywood, but it also has the golden songs of other Indian languages. So, its tracks do not just sound honey to the ears but can take any listener on a nostalgic journey. 

5. In-built FM: The music bar is equipped with an in-built FM, a feature that every music lover can die for. It is the first-ever music bar in which this feature has been installed. So, besides the preloaded songs, you can relax or groove with the music played on the various FM radio stations. 

6. Superb sound quality: Even at a cheaper price, the Saregama Carvaan Musicbar makes sure to deliver a powerful, natural-sounding, and crystal clear, balanced audio performance with an in-built 120W stereo surround sound. For an amplified deep bass outcome, it has a wired subwoofer. 

7. Diverse modes: For letting the users witness a magical listening/viewing experience, this device is provisioned with four different modes: a. Music mode (it can let you get the vibe of a live concert), b. Movie mode (at the comfort of your home, it can take you to an astonishing cinematic escape), c. Vocal mode (it delivers a loud and clear sound) and lastly d. 3D model (enriches the audio with a 3-D effect making it stand out among similar devices). 

8. Numerous connectivity options: First, the music bar has Bluetooth connectivity which implies that your cell phone can be connected and enjoy your favorite playlist. Moreover, it is also loaded with an HDMI cable which customers generally have to buy in other brands. This HDMI ARC can be paired with your television. Other alternatives of connectivity include USB, Aux-In, and Coaxial I/P.  

9. Remote control: This option provides extra joy to the users by letting them take control over and easily access the pre-loaded songs. The user can also command the levels of bass and treble with the help of this feature. 

10. Rat protection facility: Many buyers fear what if rats enter these types of devices and destroy them. Saregama Carvaan Musicbar provides a solution to that too. A mesh or web is made in the hole created by the air vent of the subwoofer. This mesh acts as a barrier and prevents rats from entering the device.

11. Brand value: Saregama India has never disappointed its customers with its services. Consequently, its products have developed a brand value of their own to woo prospective buyers. 

12. Warranty:  As a buyer, your cause of worry after purchasing this product will be the least as Saregama Carvaan Musicbar enjoys a product warranty extending for a year. 

Be it Saregama Carvaan price or its brand value, the reasons to opt for it are multiple. Whether its stylish outer appearance or the in-built features - everything is on par with the term ‘latest’. Despite being furnished with so many new characteristics, a user will not be facing complications while operating this ‘easy to use’ model. So, if you have any recent plan of buying an audio device and expect it to please and entertain you fully, this is a highly recommended model. A very minimal investment can let you explore several unknown sides of music and can take you on a heavenly ride with its outstanding performance - what else do you ask for! 


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