Why you are not successful yet


As a human being you let your emotions play a role in your life,letting your emotions control you.It is not easy to ignore what you feel inside let it pass,what is more hard is to avoid what you really feel and most important, you miss the right point to make the right choices in your life.

sometimes you feel left out, you don't even know what to do with your life,that is because you caught up in your comfort zone it makes it hard enough for you to find your peace.

To be true to yourself is one of the most hardeset thing to ever do on earth ,you know why? the society that you live in doesn't allow you to be anything you want to be,not only the society but also your surroundings.


As a person there are lot of things you can do to be successful , you chose not to do anything at all,looking back in your life you can realize that you wasted a lot of time trying to please people who were not fit enough to be in your life.

It takes a super human being to make it nor to realize the change they need to take in life in order to make it .Not everyone can be awere of the change one need.If not you.

The change doesn't happen overnight ,it takes a little while for success to kick in that  being said you need to be patient for what you really want in life.


My dear beautiful reader, success takes a little while to knock in your door, be patient in hard times and hold on through the times where you feel like life is not worth it.

The work you put in when you feel emotional and worthless, can give you a secured and a better tommorrow,waking up in the morning  feeling defeated and  worthless, is part of life that leads to success.

Through every feeling that you feel, just know that you  worth it, you can do it , no matter who says what about you or what you can do,always remember the goals you set everyday when you wake up early in the morning getting ready to go to school,the goals you set everyday you getting ready to go to work,the goals are the ones that keeps you alive and motivated every single  day black child.


What you tell yourself each morning when you get out of bed, is much important than anything else you could ever tell yourself each day.

The smell of the coffee you drink every morning, plays a role in your life without you  knowning it does,that one person who wakes up every morning to brew the coffee says a lot in a cup, it's not just coffee it's coffee made with love.

wake up each day tell youself that you can do it dispite what people say or think about you,all you need to do is beliving in yourself.


Besides you stoping yourself from achieving your own dreams and goals,i cannot think of anyone else who is trying to destroy you and your life, if not you.

We all want to live the life we always dream of ,yet no one wants to work for the life and the dreams they always dreamed of,a way to success it was never easy,no one said it will be, i know it feels like you been working so hard towards your dreams , you probably starting to think your dreams and your goals will never pay of as you expected.

When building your goals and persuing your dreams do not feel like the world owes you something, nobody owes you anything, you owe yourself the future you promised yourself.


When struggling to make it to your next future life just know that giving up on yourself is not an option.

If you really want to succeed in life as you planned to, there is only one thing you can do that one thing is "foucs".

Foucs is the name of the game ,foucs is what you must maintain no matter what happens in your life.

Holding on to your dreams and your goals is not an easy thing to do.


Many of you as you read this book , you don't know the purpose of your life,where you want to be in the next ten years.

You do want to succeed and have all what the world has to offer,the question is "what are you doing to secure a bright future for you and your loved ones?.

Thinking about your future is an easy thing to do,applying your thoughts and ideas in your life,is the hardeset part of them all.


Your life has so much to offer out there and you do not, you know why ? is because you  caught up in the ordinary world ,you cannot see what the world can do for you.

when you finally realize how amazing life is,life will be just another step you willing to take.


This ebook is dedicated to everyone who wants to change their lives but cannot do so because of what they went through in life,no matter what you gone through in your life, you will succeed just promise yourself that.      

Success come in different ways in life , be grateful if the little things you achieve in life because they bring one step closer to your dreams , keep people who support you in life .

As a person know what you want and how you want to achieve in life , because that is the only way to success in life move towards your dreams and goals .                  


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