10 Health Benefits Of Garlic You Do Not Know

1. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood :

Garlic contains allicin when crushed. Allicin is a type of oil that burns up the cholesterol levels in the blood 

2. It prevents and slows down cancer : 

Regular intake of garlic helps to reduce the stages of cancer development hence helps in preventing it.

3. Enhances sexual activities : 

Garlic is a natural and harmless aphrodisiac. It is a medicine for loss of sexual activities, sexual debility and impotency, it contains nitric oxide, a chemical that helps to trigger erection thus helps in widening the artery and improving blood supply to the penis

4. High blood pressure : 

Garlic is considered as one of the most beneficial and effective remedies to lower high blood pressure. Garlic produce decrease in blood pressure because it can ease the spasm of the small arteries since it is a complimentary to blood circulatory functions. It is recommended that people with high blood pressure should regularly take garlic either drinking or chewing. 

5. Vagina infection :

Garlic helps in the treatment of vagina infection such as yeast infection in females which causes excess and sometimes smelling discharge, when garlic is boiled and taken first thing in the morning, it kills the bacteria since it is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial. Drinking garlic not only kills the bacteria it also helps to prevent and stop unnecessary discharge from the Vagina.

6. Prevents heart attack :

Garlic helps in hardening of arteries which leads to heart attack. Taking four cloves garlic per day reduces the chances of heart attack. 

7. It reduces asthmatic attack :

Garlic helps in dissolving the mucus which accumulates inside the lungs. It helps relieving the symptoms of cough and cold.

8. It helps in the treatment of diabetes :

Garlic helps in the treatment of diabetes thereby normalizing the sugar levels in the blood. It helps to promotes waste excretion process which enhances diabetic. 

9. Treatment for respiratory diseases :

Garlic has proved to be high effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It contains an essential oil called sulphide which controls the symptoms of pneumonia. Garlic helps to reduce offensive smell of the breathe in pulmonary gangrene. It is an excellent remedy in the treatment of pneumonia. It is also considered as a marvelous drugs for tuberculosis. 

10. Immunity boosters :

Garlic boost and stimulates the activities of the defense cells of the body inside the circulatory system.

Conclusion :

In herbal medicine, garlic is used in the treatment of many ailments. Garlic is an antibacterial, antibiotics, antiviral and antioxidant, anticancer and also an immune system boosters. It is highly advisable and recommended that people suffering from this ailment should increase their intake of garlic because it helps to build and boost the immune system functions.


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