5 cars that every car admirer would love to own

Many people used to play with little car toys and they liked collecting them. They must have grown up but their hobbies haven’t changed. At first, they collected toy cars but now they like to collect luxurious brand new cars. Many new models are introduced by the brands every year but some of them leave their mark. 


There are several cars in the world that a car enthusiast would love to own before they die. These vehicles can be the best because of their specification or simply because of their looks. Some people don’t care about the functioning but they like to show off their vehicles. 

Some of the legendary car models are:


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

It is commonly referred to as EVO. This car has extra-ordinary driving dynamics, due to which you can easily drive it on different kinds of grounds. This car has great performance and it also abides by its nature which is a sports sedan. This car is ideal for those who want something that would be more budget-friendly. 

At first, it was only supposed to be for the Japanese buyers but due to its high demand on the grey import market, the vehicle was offered in the United Kingdom as well. 


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

This jeep is specifically best for off-roading in California. This is the perfect option for you if you are into off-roading. The brand of this jeep is often associated with various off-road activities. This jeep can withstand anything that comes in its way. It has the armor to overcome any obstacle. It is well equipped with all the necessary things. It has no car air conditioning or ant heated seats, so you will only have the essentials. 


Ford Focus RS MK3         

This car will not be in the market for a long time. Only 11000 Ford Focus RS MK3 were made. This 5 door car was more stylistically good and mature than the rest. It has a handy drift button which was the favorite feature of many car enthusiasts. It consists of the Ford Mustang Ecoboost’s engine, which results in a power-packed performance. If you are collecting a vehicle for the first time, then this is the best option for you as it was affordable and also easy to handle.



This brand is known for making lightweight vehicles with very powerful engines. One thing that is most noticeable about this car is its simplicity but it holds extreme power on the road. It is difficult to select any one model as all of them are elegant and they look so luxurious with high-quality performance. All of its models would be appealing to any buyer.



This car is a front-engine, rotary engine-powered sports car. It is light in weight and exceptional in performance. It might need some extra care and maintenance but it is all worth it. It is a diva that needs a lot of attention but it will you the experience of a lifetime. It has the potential to bring out the 200 horsepower from the 1.3L engine. It is a gas guzzler and the inside of the car can get hot and loud. 


There are many more models that are the best and catch the buyer’s eyes instantly and there are many yet to come. The progress in the automobile industry is insane. More cars would be manufactured with the latest technologies and epic performance. 

If your car shows any bad signs or needs repair you can easily find the best vehicle garages in Reading, UK. 


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