Basic 6 Steps to Prepare Your Car for an MOT in the UK

An MOT is introduced in the UK that proves the roadworthiness of your vehicle. It was introduced by the ministry of transport. It is compulsory to pass this test for all the vehicles that are above 3 years. It is an annual test under the laws given by the DVSA. A test also signifies that your vehicle is in its best condition and is safe to drive. If your vehicle passes the test, then a certificate is issued that shows that your automobile is well-maintained.


You need to keep in mind that an MOT is different from a car service. The result of the MOT depends on the condition of your automobile on that particular day. This is why is it necessary for you to take some measures before you take your car for an MOT. You can search for service and MOT near me and get your vehicle repaired before it undergoes the test.


1.      The tires should be in good condition:

You need to be certain that the tires are inflated and are in good shape. Have a closer look at the sidewalls of the tire for any bulges or cracks. You also need the check the depth of the tire tread. Make sure that the tires have the right pressure.

To clear an MOT, you need proper functioning wheels. It will be a good option to perform wheel balancing and wheel alignment before the date. So no issue would arise during mot. 


2.      Do you require any brake repairs?

When you talk about safe driving, brakes are an essential part. Faulty brakes can lead to life-threatening accidents. The brakes are thoroughly checked during a test. Therefore, it’s a good choice to check if they are working properly. If they have any problem, then it should be resolved before the set date. You should consider brake service before because there are many parts in the braking system. You might not even know which part of the system needs to be repaired.


3.      Steering and air suspension adjustment:

If the MOT checker finds an issue with your car's suspension or steering, you will fail the MOT right away. The steering and air suspension repair is an easy task that can be carried out by any vehicle service center near you. Thus, consider paying a visit to the nearest local garage and get your suspension and steering checked before the MOT.


4.      Get the battery inspected:

As the battery is an important part of your vehicle, the examiner is going to check it thoroughly. If there is any leakage of fluid or any corrosion in cables, your automobile will fail the test. the technician will also check whether the battery is giving proper output or not. Take your vehicle to the nearest local garage and get your battery fixed before the mot.


5.      Car emissions should not exceed the legal limit:

Emission issues can be a reason why your vehicle fails the MOT. Check your vehicle and if it’s emission exceeds the legal limit; your automobile will be marked unsafe for driving straightaway. They also check your vehicle's exhaust system. Any little negligence like a loose exhaust pipe will be considered as a fail. You can either get it repaired before the test or you can sign up for the post repair service.


6.      Pay Notice to the Vehicle's Exterior:

The exterior of your automobile is as important as the interior. If the technician at the check center finds any damage or deformity in your car's structure, it is guaranteed to fail the test. Make sure that your car’s body is in good condition and has no dents.


Follow these simple steps, and your car will be ready to pass the next test without any problem. There are some car repair shops that offer free car diagnostic test, you can look them up and get your car inspected. It would help you to know about the repairs or replacements required by your car


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