How to earn money online using social media

How to earn money online using social media

If you find yourself spending most of your time on the internet especially if you are a social media lover, then you should consider a platform that will earn you money as you log into your social media accounts to go through posts. Many people around the world spend a majority of their time logged in to social media platforms posting their statuses, commenting, and reacting to their follower’s posts. The youths are among the largest group of active social media users in the world.



What is is an online social media platform that assures its users on making money while using the platform. Whether you react to posts, comment on posts, or choose to sell products and services, you are assured that your presence on the platform will generate you some money.


You may wonder how this works, well allows you to create a profile with them for free. The signup process is fast and easy. After signing up you will be required to fill in your details and hobbies. This will help to match you with users with the same interest as yours. You then get follow suggestions from people with the same interest as yours. This way you get to build your network and connections.



Getpingg marketplace lets you market your goods and services online on their online social media platform. As a seller, you are able to market your products on the platform and get to reach a huge number of people who are at the marketplace to look for products and services. Your account will help you keep records of your orders and sales. This way you get a digital way of tracking your business and your income.


On the other hand, a buyer is able to search through the products posted on the marketplace and search for services or products they need. Products posted on the marketplace have a price tag and you can chat with the seller to see if the price is negotiable.


When a buyer requests for your goods on the market place you will receive a notification and you will find the request in the incoming orders section. Here you can see how many requests have been made. You will also keep tabs on your daily sales on the user interface. user Reward.

Did you see a post that you loved so much that you commented on it? Well, you earned points for just commenting and you can exchange the points with cash and get to withdraw your money. How about posting, liking, sharing posts? You get to earn points too. Getpingg simply rewards its users. has a function under your posts that prompts users to donate some money if the post is worth donating for. If you are creative, post memes, videos, or even make a genuine appeal to get gettping users to donate to you. You will not have to share your number with everyone to receive donations. Just a click on the donate button will solve that. Thus you are assured of privacy since your number will not be published publicly. You can share your number with those you wish on the chatbox.


Whether you are a person offering services on the marketplace or just a getpingg user who enjoys unwinding on reading posts there are plenty of opportunities to earn from Actively engage and earn money using this new exciting social media platform. 


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