How to Use and Earn Money Online

What is is a website that is very much similar to Facebook. You can meet and make friends, plan to go out for a coffee date and even site seeing. allows you to add friends and build your circle. When you open a account you will get an email asking you to verify your account. Opening a account takes less than ten minutes. And you will be part of a global community. has very exciting features like a messaging tool where you get to communicate with friends and keep tabs with your family on a regular basis. 




You can add your interest to the profile which enables you to get connected to users with the same interests as you. It also has a privacy setting where you can choose to let your followers see when you were last online or not.  You can use to advertise your business and make sales to your network. This you can do in the comfort of your home. You can follow those you want and be followed without necessarily requesting them to add you. This means you can grow your following very fast to make sales. 


When your follower makes a post, you can sponsor them by donating some money. This will enable them to create many more useful posts and they get to earn money. The comment section has automated fast answers which save you time if you want to respond. It has varied reactions for you to use when responding to a post. You can like, dislike, reshare and donate. You can also pin anything great you see on your timeline. Other users can also get to pin your posts. lets you share fun times, pictures, links, videos, and articles in your timeline. It is advisable to create engaging posts to encourage your followers to get involved in the discussion. rewards you when you share each other’s posts. You will also get to earn points when you post new posts to your timeline. There is a monthly sales graph that you can always refer to for your earnings.


Pingg Marketplace has a marketplace where users can post their products and get buyers. A shopping cart is available for buyers to put their items together whenever they are browsing. This helps the buyer to have what they like in the cart before they make a final selection to purchase. also gives users the “my orders” option which helps the buyers to keep tabs on what they have ordered. The sellers get to know of any incoming orders through “incoming orders” option.


The earnings option on your user’s dashboard will help you know how much you have earned in a day, a month, and so forth. These are earnings from sharing posts,  posting and donations, you have received. You can view how much you have earned from selling your products on the “market earnings” options.


Points and Getting Paid


When you have accumulated enough points, you can convert it into cash and get to cash out. 100 points equal 1 dollar and your daily point limit is 1000 points. Active users on the platform are guaranteed to earn good money from When you share a post you earn 15 points, liking a post gives you 10 points while commenting on posts will give you 50000 points. Once you have accumulated enough points you can turn your points into cash when you click the calculate button. You can then transfer this money to your bank account straight from Website.


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