Fascinating Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey is a natural sweet substance produce by honey bees. Honey is known as a a food source that contains the 22 nutrients required for a balanced nutrition. It health benefits are as follows 

1. Anaemia :

Honey is effective in building haemoglobin in the body because it contains a very large of iron, magnesium and copper. It is beneficial in the treatment of anaemia as it helps maintain the right balance of red blood corpuscle and haemoglobin. 

2. Heart Disease :

Honey is easily digested and assimilated, it helps to promotes the activity of the bowel. A glass of water with honey mixed with lemon juice helps taken before going to bed helps to prevent cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart. 

3. Treatment Of Irritating Cough :

Honey is highly beneficial in the treatment of cough. Honey produces a soothing effect on the inflamed mucus membrane of the upper respiratory tract because of its great soothing agents hence relieving cough and other cough symptoms such as sore throat. For this reasons it is used in the pharmacology industries in the manufacturing of cough tablet and syrup.

4. Insomnia ( Lack Of Sleep) :

Honey has a hypnotic action in bringing sound sleep. When taken with water before going to bed it enables you to have a sound sleep thus it is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia. 

5. Skin Disease :

Honey applied external is regarded beneficial in the treatment of skin disorder such as dry skin, breakouts, itching, wounds, sores, burns and more. Honey acts as an antiseptic thereby hastens healing and curing burns and prevent scar. It is also used in the pharmacology industries in the manufacture of body cream, face moisturizer, soap lotions in the treatment of eczema, acne, sunburn and other skin infection.

6. Treatment Of Stomach Ulcer :

Honey helps in maintaining the health of the stomach. It helps in proper digestion and helps in the prevention of stomach ulcer. Its decreases the excess production of hydrochloric acid thereby preventing symptoms like heart burns, stomach hurts and vomiting. 

7. Improves Sexual Activities : 

Honey is considered as a spermatogenic and sexual stimulant. It improves the fertility of women and virility of men. Honey contains zinc, the sexual mineral, a table spoonful honey dissolved in a half glass of water is a good remedy for weak erection and also helps to promotes a feeling of rejuvenation and youthful virility.

8. Prevent Hair Damage :

Honey mixed with coconut oil, almond oil, safflower seed oil, lavender essential oil or olive oil, when massage on the scalp of the hair and left for some minutes helps in the treatment of hair loss 

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