Five common mistakes that can ruin your vehicle

 Many people think that car maintenance is only done when there is a fault in the vehicle. But in reality, taking care of your car should be a part of your daily routine if you want to use it to its fullest potential. Hence, we bring you the 5 most pressing situations that could hinder the performance of your vehicle.

Number one:

You need to check your tire pressure at least thrice a week. You want to make sure you don't underinflate your tyre and at the same, you want to make sure you don't overinflate it as well.

The recommended tire pressure for any vehicle is usually located on the inside door jam of the driver's side.

Note: Make sure you check your tire pressure when the temperature changes to ten degrees or more. 

Tip number two:

If you don't check your tires enough then you should be very concerned about your ride.

It's important to check how much tread depth you have left on a daily basis. You can simply use a penny and a quarter for this check-up or you can use a tread depth gauge meter that can tell you the exact measurements. It is important to keep in mind that two thirty-seconds are the legal limit; you don't want to be anywhere below that and it's dangerous if you are.

The other thing you want to look for is any cracks, wear, slashes or gouges in the tire. You can usually do this by running your hand slowly around the tire to find any analogies. Make sure to rotate your wheels to have a good look all around.

Tip number three:

People usually overlook their spare tires. Even if you buy tires online Dubai just because you saw a special offer online, that doesn’t mean you just throw in the trunk of your car and only use it when you need a spare.

Because what happens is that people forget about it, they just leave it there, and then when they need it, it's already gone flat, and a flat tire does no good in any situation!

So if you check and find your spare on the flatter end, then make sure you fill it up with air. Also, locate where the air is coming out from if it goes flat too frequently.

Tip number four:

Not reading the owner's manual of your car is the same as driving with your eyes closed.  So make sure you read the owner’s manual as soon as you get a hold of your vehicle.

It's simple and can only take an hour or two at a stretch. When you read through the whole book, you would know what every button does in your car and what every gauge means in your vehicle.

Also, every car has a different make. So, you should know the difference between two cars, if you're driving one car and you move to another.

Tip number five:

A lot of drivers usually don't know how to clean their vehicles properly. One of the things many car owners do all the time is that they use dry bad quality paper towels on their paint, or they don't use any liquid solution when they're using a towel on their paint. You need to make sure you have some type of lubricant and not use dry paper towels when you're cleaning off your paint.

What you should use is a microfiber cloth and have some type of lubricant that helps you to easily take the dirt off without comprising the appearance of your vehicle.



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