How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly

Have you ever squared up to hit a golf ball, took a big swing, and... MISSED?

The whiff shot is a classic movie scene but something many of us can embarrassingly relate to. Yet, missing the golf ball isn't a reflection of our (poor) golf skills.

Instead, the reason we often miss is that we're holding the club incorrectly. 

So now's your chance to learn how to hold a golf club correctly with this short golf guide.

How to Hold a Golf Club Correctly: Step One − Technique

There isn't just one technique for holding a golf club correctly. So the first step is to pick a gripping method.

You want to choose the technique that feels the most comfortable to you. This will help you hit the ball straight and maximize your distance. It will also help increase precision in your short game. 

Your technique will change slightly based on which club you're using and the distance you're aiming for. There are six types of golf clubs. They are:

  • Putters
  • Drivers 
  • Fairway woods
  • Irons
  • Hybrids
  • Wedges

We'll review the grip basics for holding a driver for this guide. But you can apply these basics to most techniques. 

You can also try the 10-finger (baseball) grip, the Vardon grip, or the interlocking grip.

Step Two − Hand Positioning and Grip

Place your dominant hand on the club where the shaft and grip connect. Then, lift the club at a 40- to 50-degree angle.  

Start with your non-dominant hand. Place the club in your hand. Remain relaxed and make sure the palm of your hand is facing you.

Put the club's grip across the inside of your fingers in the area where your knuckles and palm connect.

The butt of the club should extend past the base joint of your pinky finger.

Bend the bottom three fingers around the grip. Your thumb should lay flat on the club. 

Roll your thumb toward the opposite side of the grip and twist your forefinger around the grip.

Look down. If you see the knuckles of your index and middle fingers, you're doing it right. 

Finally, you need to position your dominant hand. Curl your fingers over the grip like you did with your non-dominant hand.

Wrap your pinky finger into the space between the forefinger and middle finger of your non-dominant hand. Point your thumb and lay it flat on the grip.

This is the foundation of your golf swing.

Step Three − Pressure

To hold a golf club correctly, you must also consider pressure.

Many golfers tend to apply too much pressure to their grip. This causes the heel of the club to hit the ball. 

But, you want to hit the ball with the face of the club. You can achieve this by remaining relaxed. Keep your grip soft but firm. 

With these three steps, you can master your golf grip. Now it's time to pack your bags and take your golf clubs here to these fantastic courses in Dubai.

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Now that you know how to hold a golf club correctly, you'll be crushing the competition in no time! Whether you like to play for fun or sport, you can feel more confident in your golf skills. 

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