Putting Perfection: How to Putt Better

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world and is an activity that plenty of people have picked up as a competitive past-time. It's a game that more than roughly 25 million people played in a recent calendar year. 

Learning to play means mastering the fundamentals. You'll have a strong foundation when you learn how to putt. 

It's both one of the most basic and most important parts of the game that takes lots of practice and the right putting tips. Read on so that you can learn how to putt better and improve your game to the fullest. 

Choose the Best Putters

Even the best putting techniques will fall short when you don't have the right putter. Choose a putter that is high-quality and has the right length and weight. Figure out which brands are best, and choose putting grips that are comfortable and durable. 

Find a golf shop that sells this equipment in full supply, and make sure to try out any putter before you leave the store. 

Get Your Stance Right

If you're trying to figure out how to sink more putts, you need to correct your stance and find what feels the most comfortable for you. Putting stances differ depending on the player. 

Here are a number of factors that might change the way you hold your stance:

  • The height of the player
  • The length of your arms
  • How heavy the chosen putter is
  • A player's flexibility, and whether they have issues with their back, neck, or knees
  • The player's overall comfort level

Regardless of what stance you choose, make sure that you evenly distribute your weight and keep your feet equidistant part. Hold your club with control, but loose enough to be fluid and get rid of tension. 

Make Eye Contact and Adjust Your Stroke

Your club can't hit what your eyes can't see. 

Make improvements to your hand-eye coordination so that you're able to make the ideal amount of contact on your putts. So many bad putts happen simply because players take their eye off the ball at the wrong moments. 

Learn some drills that drain hand-eye coordination so that your putt becomes a fluid process. 

It takes lots of trial and error to learn the right amount of touch to put on the ball. Perfect your stroke and make sure that it has plenty of follow-through. These factors will help you get a feel for distance and angles so that you can make even the trickiest putts on any course. 

Learn How to Putt Better

These tips will help you learn how to putt better. You will love the improvements that you're able to make to your game as a result. Golf is excellent for stress relief, improves cognitive and physical health, and is a fun social and networking activity. 

Consider these tips and rely on us for more information on sports and recreation. 



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