The Best Text Editors to Use in 2022

Are you learning how to code? It can be tempting to practice your coding skills on programs that aren't made for coding. For example, many people try using word processors.

But word processors are used for writing documents, articles, and creating printer-ready materials. If you plan on learning how to code, you'll instead need to get familiar with text editors, which edit plain text files.

There are countless text editor options available these days, each with different strengths and weaknesses. You don't just need to use the option that came with your computer of choice.

The best text editors can be downloaded onto nearly any device and used however you want. So what are the text editors you should consider? Keep reading below to see which option is best for your needs. 


Notepad++ is the go-to option for Windows users. It's a much better option than the original Windows Notepad. It's also free to use, making it a great place to start if you have a Windows device.

If you're a Mac user, you can look here for Notepad alternatives. 

Notepad was built in the early 2000s, back when options for text editors were slim and efficiency in these programs was lacking. It was built as a third-party application for Windows devices and chose to provide support strictly to Windows users.

It has since become the crowd favorite. It's the place where most people start their programming journey. And many people never move on to use other tools, as they are completely satisfied typing code for website building and software development in Notepad. If you're a computer science student, you'll likely spend a lot of time using this program.

Notepad functions as a source code editor and allows for syntax highlighting. There are countless highlighting options, including C#, C++, CSS, Javascript, JSON, and much more. 

It's also available in almost 100 languages, making it accessible to programmers worldwide. 

Sublime Text

One of the best-paid options for text editors is Sublime Text. It offers a free version, which is more like a trial, letting you experience what the editor has to offer.

For a paid plan, you can expect to pay about $100 to gain per user access on any number of devices. 

One of the best things about Sublime Text is that it uses very few resources to run, while still accommodating a hefty list of features. For those who need a lightweight, streamlined option, Sublime Text is worth the cost. 

There are plenty of shortcuts and tools available to speed up the writing process, make multiple changes at once, and find what you need in a heartbeat. 

Sublime is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.


There are plenty of people who just need to focus on HTML or PHP. If that's you, then a text editor like CoffeeCup will make the most sense. It doesn't handle other languages very well, however.

It's a thorough text editor that is designed for web development. With built-in tools, you can edit multiple components of a website at one time, simplifying the web management process.

CoffeeCup also comes with premade themes that offer you the foundation to build modern, functional websites for clients. This will save you a ton of time if you are a freelancer or run a web design agency.

CoffeeCup offers a free trial, but to continue using it, you'll want to dish out the $49 fee for the full experience. 


If you're into software development and need a heavy-duty tool that can handle your workflow, then go with Atom. It was created specifically for developers.

Thanks to an active team of users, the Atom theme and plug-in library are always expanding, making it akin to the WordPress crowd-sourced marketplace. 

It's a great tool for those needing to collaborate, as it's easy to share your work in real-time with other users. When you download Atom, you'll also get the Github repository included. 

It also functions across platforms, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. And there are plenty of packages that you can install to complement the program and customize it to your needs and workflow.


Looking for a Mac-native tool? TextMate is available exclusively on Macs. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface, offering the appearance of a minimalistic tool. But behind the scenes, there is a ton of functionality available to make this tool a one-stop shop for Mac users.

It offers support to all programming languages, yet still offers a lightweight package that runs efficiently.

The free version offers a surprising amount of features, making it a great place to get started. But the affordable paid plan, sitting around $60, is worth every penny. 

You can customize almost everything within the editor to make it suited to your work style. Just download the bundles that make the most sense for you.

By generating macros within the editor, you can eliminate much of the repetitive work required when writing code. These programmable patterns will save you so much time with each project you are working on if you put the effort into setting them up properly. 

You can also set up as many insertion points as you want, which lets you swap out text in bulk, for big, fast changes. 

Why Word Processors Don't Work

So why can't you use a word processor to write code? Word processors don't work for programming languages because they have formatting options built into the page. Various fonts, line spacing, indentation, text size, and decoration like italics make it unusable for programming. 

It will mess up the actual lines of code you are trying to write, so it won't read properly online. That's why you need a text editor. These programs just use plain text. There's no formatting, and no underlying code that will mess with the program you are trying to write.

Investing in the Best Text Editors

There are countless options when it comes to text editors. The best text editors will depend on what type of work you do and how much customization you want access to.

Since most tools offer a free trial, it's worth testing out a few before committing to one. Once you find one you like, go all in and get very familiar with the tool in order to maximize efficiency.


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