The Top 10 Photography Advertising Tips of 2022

By 2030, the employment of photographers is expected to grow by 17% with approximately 12,700 new jobs each year. This means that photographers are going to have a tougher time staying competitive in the industry.

When was the last time you analyzed your photography advertising strategy? Is it still working or could it be better? Read on for our top marketing tips for photographers. 

1. Consider Your Ideal Client

While you aren't the perfect photographer for everyone, you need to find your ideal clients. Don't waste time posting photography ads at wedding venues if you only want to do street photography.

2. Establish Your Social Media Presence

Your photography advertising strategy is incomplete without social media. It's perfect for photography marketing because it's free, it offers a wide reach, and it allows you to engage naturally with potential clients.

3. Invest in Advertising

The right marketing tools and techniques make a difference, which is why you should invest in them with both time and money. Get your name out by making a flyer on your favorite collage app or creating new business cards.

4. Find Networking Opportunities

Conventions are full of marketing strategies for photographers because you get to see what's working for your competitors. They're also a great opportunity to connect with local professionals to do business with.

5. Build Your Website

Even in the world of social media, you still need to include a website in your photography marketing strategy. It allows you to display your work, your services, and any other details you want to display in the way you want.

6. Utilize Your Existing Clients

It's easier to keep clients than it is to find new ones, but your current clients can also be one of your best photography marketing strategies. Give your clients a referral incentive after a session such as credit toward a sitting fee.

7. Create an Email List

An email list helps your past clients stay up to date with your services and offers. It also reminds them to recommend you to their friends. Create incentives to sign up such as special deals or early access opportunities.

8. Write a Blog

One of the most undervalued marketing tips for photographers is to write a blog. Blogging doesn't need to be your career, but it is a great way to keep your photography site active, especially during the slow season.

9. Keep Your Info Updated

When your website, blog, or social media is filled with old content, potential clients may assume you're no longer in business. Be sure to post regularly and keep your information and prices up to date to stay competitive.

10. Get Creative

If you want your photography advertising to be successful, you have to be willing to get creative. If one of your photography ads isn't resulting in any new clients or leads, get creative and try something new. 

Develop Your Photography Advertising Strategy

The key to successful photography advertising isn't one method or media, but multiple. You have to be willing to experiment with new techniques and sources to find what works best for your business and your clients.

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