The Types of Car Accidents: A Quick Guide

Would you believe that there are around six million car accidents every year in America?

While being a safe driver can lower your risk of getting into a crash, it's important to remember that the roads are dangerous for everyone. If other drivers engage in risky behaviors, you could become a victim at any time.

It's helpful to learn about auto accident causes so you can be a mindful driver whenever you hit the roads. Keep reading this guide so you can understand the most common types of car accidents drivers experience.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end crashes are one of the most common types of auto accidents because people can crash into drivers in front of them for various reasons. Distracted driving, slippery roads, poor tires, and quick braking are a few of the many causes.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone collisions are when cars form the letter T when they hit each other. The main reason why T-bones occur is that people run red lights and crash into others who have the right of way.

T-bone crashes are especially dangerous for the person who's sitting on the side of the car that's impacted, so you need to call for car accident help right away.

Head-On Accidents

When it comes to auto accident injuries, head-on accidents are often the most deadly collisions. The reason why is that the force of two drivers hitting each other from opposite directions is much higher than many other kinds of accidents.

Sideswipe Accidents

Sideswipe accidents happen all of the time because of blind spots and reckless drivers. These accidents can occur when people are changing lanes or merging and they bump into a driver who's next to them.

Understanding the steps of documenting a car accident can help you prove you're not at fault so you can get the compensation you deserve.

Single-Car Accidents

Most people imagine at least two drivers when they think about car accidents, but people can crash by themselves as well. If the roads are wet or you swerve to miss an animal, then you could hit a telephone pole or get stuck in a ditch.

Multi-Car Accidents

Car accidents with two drivers are bad enough, but sometimes the conditions are right for even more people to get involved. For example, if a car slams into another driver at a stoplight, then they may be able to push their car into the driver in front of them like dominoes.

In other cases where crashes occur on a busy road or highway, more drivers can hit the stationary vehicles.

These Are the Most Common Types of Car Accidents

Knowing what to do after a car accident can help keep you safe and get the money you deserve to fix your car and any injuries. Now that you've learned about the top types of car accidents, you can remind yourself to stay alert at all times when you drive.

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