Three Tricks To Attract Clients To Your Business

  • SET GOALS FOR YOUR BUSINESS: You need to set achievable goals for attracting clients. Setting goals is critical to any business, even though it may seem like a draining task, goal setting can actually mortivate you. Remember these points as you set your goals, write down short term and long term goals for attracting customers. Start by working towards your short term goals which will lead to achieving your long  term goals. How many customers do you want to acquire, How will you achieve that? through social media, google searches, etc? You need to establish the matrics to use to determine whether you have accompished your goals.


  • IDENTIFY YOUR IDEAL CLIENT: You cannot succeed in the market if you dont know your customer, before moving ahead with any plan. It's helpful to develop a buyer persona. Buyer personas are simply the profile of your company and it's ideal customer. While it is important not to create too many buyer personas, having one or two in mind can improve the way your business targets its market and attracts leads. This way you wil always have in mind the kind of people you are selling to, so when you are building your business, you can build it around them. It is also easy to look for customers when you know the type of customer you seek. Have a crystal clear picture in your head of who you are targeting


  • IDENTIFY THE CHANNELS YOU WANT TO USE TO ATTRACT THESE CLIEANTS: Your customer profiling should have helped you with this point already, as it is best for businesses to meet potential customers on the channels they use most, your profiling should include what these channels are. Are they on social media, would they prefer an email, meeting in person? You can determine how your customers prefer being contacted by gathering data from existing customers, how ever don't be too quick to jump into conclusion, because customers join several new platforms everyday. A multichanneling marketing strategy is always best for attracting new customers, just make sure you develop an effective dash board for tracking these matrics and you will start to identify trends to prioritize the top channels that your client base is using.

These are the three tips to help attract new clients to your business, we hope that you can take these onboard and apply them to your business ventures. Remember there are plenty more strategies that you can implement to build your client base.



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