What Does Learning in Kindergarten in Singapore Look Like?

As children develop and grow in their early stages of life, they become more and more curious about the world around them and are motivated to learn and explore. This is an important time to cultivate their curiosity by exposing them to as many learning opportunities as possible.

Kindergarten (also known as preschool) programs are crucial for children in their early childhood years to stimulate brain growth and development, to encourage the children to learn at their own pace and to make them ready for their next step for the big school.

Kindergarten plays a very important role in the development of the child’s brain functioning and makes them more active and involved socially through play and other fun-filled activities. They also learn how to interact with other peers and build friendships.


Why are kindergarten and Preschool programs essential for the child’s overall development?

Kindergarten in Singapore or preschool settings have professional early childhood teachers and educators that are well trained to provide quality education and care for your child so that they can learn and grow through a fun educational program.

An educational program is carried out on an everyday basis which is based on the children's individual interests leading to the development of their skills and individuality. In private schools in Singapore, learning math, writing, and reading are also reinforced in the classroom, introducing children to early literacy and numeracy skills to foster a love of basic learning concepts, and helping them become active thinkers and researchers on their own.

Educators are also trained to assess children's learning and development through play-based activities, as children learn best through play and can bring out the best in them.

As a quote goes by “Kindergarten is simply not just another year of child care, it’s a vital stepping stone to Primary School and the final opportunity for your child to benefit from a high-quality early education in their first five years of life”.

Therefore, the first goal that needs to be considered is to choose a good kindergarten program. Kindergarten in Singapore provides an opportunity for your child to learn and practice the basic social, emotional as well as problem-solving and learning skills that they will use throughout their school years and even in life ahead. They have always succeeded in making their students excel in not only academics but also in other life skills.

Following are certain benefits of enrolling your child in a good kindergarten in Singapore:

  • Developing self-esteem is one of the most important goals of kindergarten in Singapore. This is the process of helping your child feel good about who they are, making them comfortable in their own skin and confident that they can overcome the challenges of learning.

  • The kindergarten in Singapore teaches cooperation which is the ability to work, learn and get along with others. A year in a private school in Singapore provides your child with an opportunity to learn patience, as well as the ability to take turns, share, and listen to all of the social and emotional learning skills they will use throughout their school years and beyond.

  • Most children are naturally curious, but some do not know how to focus or use that curiosity. Kindergarten is a time to awaken and guide your child's curiosity and natural joy in learning.


What does an ideal kindergarten look like in private schools in Singapore?

Ask any number of educators and parents and you will get many different descriptions of the ideal kindergarten. But there is some general consensus among educators about what makes a good program. It should:

  1. Expand your child's ability to learn about (and from) the world, organize information, and solve problems. This increases their self-esteem and confidence, the ability to work with others, and increases interest in challenging tasks. All of which is taken care of by private schools in Singapore.

  2. Offers a combination of formal (teacher-initiated) and informal (child-initiated) activities. Kindergarten in Singapore provides examinations and projects that enable your child to work both alone and in small groups.

  3. Minimizes the use of large group activities that require sitting. Instead, introduce activities that offer game-based, hands-on learning in small groups.

  4. Fosters a love of books, reading, and writing. There are books, words and the children's own writings everywhere in the classroom which makes the children comfortable in that atmosphere and also instills creativity.

  5. Private school in Singapore gives children the independence of learning and finding out solutions to the problems on their own which is also backed up by guidance from highly-trained educators. This way they learn to face obstacles without fearing and boosts their self-confidence.

  6. Kindergarten in Singapore teaches more than just numbers. They offer the children the opportunity to make friends with their peers. This plays an important role in supporting the social and emotional development of children, as healthy and strong friendships help children learn positive social behavior.

As friendships develop, it improves children's ability to interact with others with care, empathy, respect, and cooperation. It also increases the self-esteem, sense of belonging, and general well-being of the individual. Of course, young children are self-centered, so the opportunity to make solid friendships in their early years can help children develop lifelong social and emotional skills and also build a good network of supporting individuals.

Kindergarten in Singapore has classroom environments that also provide stimulating opportunities to support children's learning and play. In dramatic play spaces, children learn to cooperate, communicate, and read and write while living out real-life experiences.

Private schools in Singapore have spacious and exciting outdoor areas where children learn to control and challenge their developing body and movement skills. Kindergarten classroom environments help children explore and learn at their own pace and therefore play an important role in fostering children's passion for learning and exploration.


Therefore, it becomes essential that children get the best quality education at the early stages of their life itself to bring out the best in them and become individuals who are ambitious, creative and erudite. 


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